The Other Normativity. Bruno Schulz and His Remythologising of the Word

Eliza Kącka


Despite its various readings, The Mythologising of Reality by Schulz – an essay, a treatise, and, in a way, a self-reflexive commentary of the author – still remains a mystery. And this is due not only to the fact that it may be interpreted in keeping with or against the symbolist tradition – this observation is valid for all conceptions which may be applied to this text. Its ambiguity is related to an attempt at reconciling (and co-creating) the requirements of literary evolution with reaching out (in literature and through literature) for the redeemed time. A close reading of this treatise reveals its notable feature: some of its sentences imitate the concise and categorical character of analytical sentences. As a result, two modes of reading present themselves: not only does Mythologising provide some rules to the Schulzean world, but it also leans out from it towards contemporary literature and philosophy.

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